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Distance Learning 18.1.21

Happy Monday everyone!

It's that time of the week again where I attempt to teach you Spanish and we start a new tally for how many mistakes I will make in my videos! Look out for jokes that I find hillarious and no one else will!



The challenge task has been uploaded to Seesaw.



Past Tense Activity can be found on Seesaw

Please remember to submit your introduction to Seesaw so that we can respond to it.



Poster Template:

Puedo Lesson 2
Download PDF • 876KB

Guided Reading:

Read through the text below. You will need this same text for every activity in Guided Reading this week. Once you have read through it, select a minimum of 5 words and write them out with their definitions. Or, write them in a sentence that is different to the one the word is contained in within the text.

Download PDF • 403KB

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